About Us

Nakano International Co., Ltd. achieves the international-grade infinity transparent pool with professional technology. The combination of ultra-thick acrylic window and stainless steel / RC interface construction of the pool can supply the production of international-level one-piece super-large acrylic thick plates.


Related cases / Its safety and shock resistance are better than glass / and its cost budget is reasonable, and it has seamless joint plates, laminated plates, thermoplastics and high rigidity stress annealing, which meets the needs of various large pool environments and creates an edgeless nature Like new construction methods.


Make the swimming pool more beautiful, interesting, daylighting, safe, educational and so on.


※Cooperate with the needs of each project

※Project 3D rendering

※Quantity energy structure analysis

※Fluid mechanics calculation

※Engineering Construction code

※Acrylic Weatherability Decade certification

※SGS Material test data